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HIGH Waters

The flood is over! The land is dry. Why are his pants so damn high?
The hem of his pants were playing hula hoop around his damn ankles. Solution? Try on your clothes before purchasing them. Sometimes you may need to opt for a longer inseam and have your pants tailored to the right length. Inseams usually present a problem for those of us who are tall or short. Either way, we should not be able to see your socks while you are standing.

*Side note: Pants that are too long look sloppy instead of silly. There is no reason for your pants to drag on the ground. Last but not least, ladies... do not wear wide-leg/bootcut pants with heels. What's the point if your entire shoe is covered? I've seen many women trip as the seam of their pants have caught onto the heel of their shoe. If you bust your ass... we will laugh!


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