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HIGH Waters

The flood is over! The land is dry. Why are his pants so damn high?
The hem of his pants were playing hula hoop around his damn ankles. Solution? Try on your clothes before purchasing them. Sometimes you may need to opt for a longer inseam and have your pants tailored to the right length. Inseams usually present a problem for those of us who are tall or short. Either way, we should not be able to see your socks while you are standing.

*Side note: Pants that are too long look sloppy instead of silly. There is no reason for your pants to drag on the ground. Last but not least, ladies... do not wear wide-leg/bootcut pants with heels. What's the point if your entire shoe is covered? I've seen many women trip as the seam of their pants have caught onto the heel of their shoe. If you bust your ass... we will laugh!
At the first sign of good weather... women and men alike shed their tube socks and sneakers for flip flops and sandals. Unfortunately there are many of you who neglect to get a pedicure... and for some, a pedicure is the least of your worries:
Yes! This is just a few of the feet atrocities roaming the city. Some have so much crust on their heels, they'll need a chisel to remove all that dead skin. Others have more corns, bunions, hammer toes and fungus ridden toenails than a little bit. Some just have ugly ass feet, no two ways around it. Chipped and worn off nail polish is also unbecoming. Lest we forget those of you who appear to be trying out for the Guiness Book of World Records for the longest toenails.

Men seem to be more self-conscious when it comes to revealing their feet... then again, maybe they are the only ones with enough sense to keep their feet under wraps if their feet look like hell. Women on the other hand seem to care less.

Listen! I understand that everyone can't have visually appealing feet, but damn it... please keep your dogs covered when they look as if you've been walking over hot coals all of your life. Sandals just aren't for everyone!!!

*1st photo taken by Street Correspondent, Kristen G.

F is for FUCK!

Well well well Ladies and Gentlemen... just when you think you've seen it all, someone or something manages to out trump everything else. Caution!!! The following is not for the fainthearted.

Censibility Street Correspondent Nicole C. provided this candid picture as taken by a friend.
What else can I really say about this? I guess when Jungle Fever hits... it hits HARD (pun intended).

Who would've thought that the F train offered a real ride? And no this wasn't even in the wee hours of the morning... more like 11:00pm during the week. As they say... "ONLY IN NEW YORK."

The next time you kill yourself trying to get a seat, think about what you're fighting to sit in. Oh and ladies, you may want to stand in lieu of sitting the next time you're wearing a skirt.

*As always, if you catch an atrocity in your travels, snap a pic and email it to Censibility and become a "Censibility Street Correspondent."

Hateration! The 8th Deadly Sin.

We're human! We love to share our triumphs with friends and family as well as our downfalls. Oddly enough, we are often blindly optimistic when believing those we put our faith in as a pal and  a confidant...really have our best interest at heart.

Newsflash people! It's not the rolled eyes of a passerby as you cruise down the street in your 2010 BMW, nor the faint whispers of "bitch" from your co-workers as you bustle to your desk with your new Louis Vuitton "Damier" shoulder bag in tote. No no no... they're not the ones you should worry about. It's those toxic bastards who we let infiltrate our worlds. Thats right folks!!! They normally rear their heads in the form of friends, family and even lovers. 

Hateration often festers and thrives amongst those who are too afraid to make moves for themselves in life, so they are insanely jealous and envious of those who strive for more... and need we say have more/outperform the "hater."  Like crabs in a barrel they'll attempt to hold you back with negativity. Misery loves company! These HATERS love to relish in your downfalls. When you are doing well, they are secretly waiting for you to fall.

The most important thing is to quarantine these diseased people.  First! You mustn't be naive. Recognize those who aren't genuine. I'll will give you one my favorite quotes by Maya Angelou, "When someone shows you who they are, believe them!" No matter how fake or phony, a person will always show their true colors. It's up to you to believe them and haul ass, or stick around and get kicked in the ass. The choice is yours! Second and most importantly... either rid yourself of the toxicity or deal with them with a long handled spoon.

We are all guilty of jealousy and envy. I certainly am! I will tell someone to their face that I am jealous/envious, but that doesn't mean that I hate them for having something I would like. Saying, "I wish it were me," isn't hating. However, trying to knock the person down because they have what you desire is the true sign of a Hater. They'll also be the first to exclaim, "I'm not jealous! What do I have to be jealous of?"

I "hate" on celebrities etc., because they have what is far from easily attainable to the average Joe. Hell, my eyes have watered up watching MTV Cribs. Hell yes I want a Lamborghini Murcielago and I will call the filthy rich person I see with one, a lousy fucking bastard! While I am not condoning my thoughts/behaviors, there is a huge difference when you hate on average people who don't have anything you aren't able to achieve yourself. It's even worse to consider yourself close to someone all the while harvesting ill feelings towards them.

We need to start becoming more conscious of our thoughts when they're toggling on the line of hateration. Rather than hating, use that energy as a source of inspiration and motivation to propel yourself to new heights, rather than marinating in stew of hate and misery. You can't achieve when you are too invested in what someone else is doing or what they have. Work on being the best that you can be and the rest will fall in place. If not... you'll only find yourself in the same stagnate pool of shit you've been standing in while the person you're hating on is moving on.

As for the victims of hateration, use your haters as fuel to go further and smell better. After all, they're your biggest fans... so make like Bonnie Raitt and "give 'em something to talk about." 

In the words of Barbra Streisand, "Don't tell me not to live, just sit and putter. Lifes candy and the sun's a bowl of butter. Don't bring around a cloud to rain on my parade."

Need some help on who to look out for? Head Blogger, Tiffany LeFever of ElleElleEye warns us of 8 People to Avoid! Click and check 'em out.

St. Patty's Day Debacle

Okay! I know this is rather late... but after going through the pictures in my phone, I felt it necessary to share the following crime of St. Patty's Day...
                                       Bodaciously Green...
MY GOD!!! Even her friend looks astonished at the rate she is putting away that drink.
Naturally when I saw the fishbowl drink, I assumed her group of girlfriends would be sharing it. It appears the bartender had the same idea based on the number of straws. I guess we were wrong... dead wrong.

*Word to the wise... if you are a big bitch/bastard, you need to be cautious of how you eat and drink in public, otherwise you risk looking like a gluttonous pig.
Here are a few tips to remember:
1. Take small bites and/or spoon/forkfulls.
2. Never wear your napkin on your chest or neck.
3. Do not wear colors that will easily show stains.
4. To prevent the problems associated with #1 or 2... only order
clear drinks and do NOT order anything adorned with sauces or butter.
5. Try to supress bodily functions i.e. belching, etc.
6. Most IMPORTANTLY!!! ALWAYS leave some food on your plate
and DO NOT eat the garnish.
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